A neuronic construct

"Life is merely a random side effect of molecular interactions on a macroscopic level. It is without meaning or purpose. All that lives, dies, such is the nature of entropy. The fallacious idea that our lives, our conciousnesses continue after the cease of biological function, or that we have any importance or bearing on the functions of thermodynamics and the fundamental forces of this universe is, to use modern parlance...gay"

It is not as much affecting the laws of nature and becoming large enough and influencing enough of whatever exists on such a large scale, it is that we are glad to be a part of whatever we are a part of. Creation, life, music, love; even to gaze into that which means nothing and ponder that such a thing could have a meaning. That is life, and that is soul. That is what gives the meaningless a meaning. That is what makes the unity of our 'random' cells worth something.


Can you count the angels for me?

It's under your autonous system.
You have no control over it.

Monkeys asked to carve out my liver said it was necessary to live a full life without superifical bs. Synapses say that I don't give a shit anymore for making new connections. Synapses say we've had enough of shadows to paint a wall with cracks and call it a working relationship.