The sound of cells multiplying

Give it trains and give it steam
give it every waking dream
throw in the coal,
throw in the mind,
and watch the furnace blaze and blind.

If one can love then all can hate
the safest place on earth is plates
floating on fire.

Gasoline and ATP,
the huddled hug she saw me breathe,
twisting and twisting in the telomere train.


New Age

We had forgotten our prayers to the machine.
When we woke it called our names,
and nothing we said or did mattered
unless we were entertained by fake glass
which were miraculous mirrors to no where
and no one really knew how it all worked.

So we prayed to the machine for love
and a billion human animals stared,
like empty headed cows chewing cud,
forgetting what it is to feel skin
crash through the sky against crystal glass,
april snows melting on the way down.

So we prayed to the machine for life
and it gave us absolute abundance
so what is there left to do now but sing praise?
Hail the endless fog of lights
And let us grow the machine,
to meet the needs of the growing machine. Amen.


Verses, movement, sound and heat,
we learned the rules, we took our seat
and now everything we know is a dream.
and I thought I knew you.


Every Prince

The history of this Earth is greater than anyone could ever know. Empires, wars, disease, extinction. Every prince and promised ruler, every nurtured child, every poet and mystic and scribe, even every soldier has shaped the cultural tapestry of the human spirit, much like the molten mass of Earth was shaped time and time again by the ceaseless procession of fiery cosmic waste. What will you contribute, Rooc? Will you whisper your words, or burn like fire?