Hold the Fire

She keeps putting her hand over the candle,
waiting for her blackened skin to remind her where she left the moon waiting.

She keeps pouring out sentences between star light and waste,
not knowing where the line should be.
Blurry was never a word to describe her fictional little world.

If she was dying surely there would be plenty of signs,
more than midnight and empty dreams;
more than the hurt of the sun in the morning.

Surely there'd be violent shivers and screams.
But to her surprise, it had none.
Just a mild crackling of a dimming flame.

An oxygen starved beginning is all anyone ever had.
A hand encased. An ocher fantasy playing itself out in shadows on the wall
like children grasping at something other than emptiness.


Goobara Returns

Derricke 3:16
For Goobara so loved the world that he gave his only hippie son, Fred. That so whoever believeth in him shall receive eternal beer, pizza and weed in heaven! But whoever does not, shall perish at the centre of the sun where it is not lukewarm, but blazing hot! So is Goobara's eternal and unconditional love! HAIL!

PAsalms 4: Death to Heathens

In the depths of darkness seering
all the white trash rap fans peering
like a snake in pit with god
we'll slice the arm, impale the dice
till nod, with equal sword and equal haste
give all those fucking heathens taste.

Of what it is like at the centre of the sun!!


Save It

(Something old and unedited)

crimson: weirdo

wait...the Annunaki are coming!
theres a crop circle forming in the dust of the midnight sun
in twilight expectancy it waits for remembering
the silence of the coming shade of aurura blue

we all knew it was coming kelly
we all knew it
but it didnt matter
because violence is a genetic set up synapses
so dont bitch to me when its all over

but under the bed
There is a loud speaker who spoke up and said
and I didnt know what that meant...

until I fell asleep and the laws of physics started bending
in a wormhole seeing mending
all the little colours being sucked into one

and do you know the colour it was kelly?
it was....the colour of chaos
shifting through street lights to find order

crimson: seem to be typing pretty fast

do you know what spirals are?
On the way to nirvana one night
I saw a spiral
etching into the grass like a thousand different shards of yellow
in every economic living class and the LOUD SPEAKER SPOKE UP AND SAID

crimson: aaahhhhhaahahahahha

and I didnt know what that meant kelly..
until I saw the spiral
glowing above the steeple of the church
and jesus said 'come inside my son'
and then ZOOM to a million different cities all looking for another way to glow

and then my mind it keeps on racing looking for another trace of just
another light bulb to find a statement in the mess of the late night show
and finally as I sat down in the aisle ten million babies crying
looking for a mother that just didnt want to show

and then it hit, I was too crying in the silence of the morning
when the loud speaker just spoke up and said...
And I felt like sleeping instead...

crimson: well, write it down, save it.