Buildings crash under the hot sun
while miles away the Red Sea boils with blood.
A rusty beast emerges out of the sea of crumbling stone,
but God stares on with indifference.

They descend upon Israel like savages
with bombs on their chests,
leaping like dogs who have tasted blood
into the hazy square:

A beam of light is shot from the heavens.


Unto the Dry Air

When the copper ran out for the mould
it must have looked like I was trying to fly
but I was digging my grave
with the clang of a shovel
like a drum before every stupid war,
like waking engulfed in the timeless ritual of sound.

I watched the melting metal in my hand saying
Look at me now
Look at me now that the statue has thawed.
What am I but another fool to fill
the steps of men who laughed on the path to the sun
with bodies of steel?

Sinking down in the rain street drain,
I laugh like a dog crawling back to the womb.