Demagogues in the Starry Dynamo

In the dark even the stars bleed,
wake in the morning to find your head dislocated
8 million kilometers about the galactic centre
useless information now but soon -
soon the human seed will sprout dreams
to an expanse with no seams,
no ancient chorus;

Now only the dull underroar of fear,
currents and forces be damned,
all foam and fizzle, all distances forgotten,
facts and figures kidnapped by electromagnetic pride.
Show me a brain ready to move,
accepting the inevitability of change,
and I will show you a brain, as all brains must,
orbit the galactic centre like bullets in the MRI,
like fluctuations made of machine dust.


The angrier we got the crueller our god had become.
I am ISIS, vengeance incarnate,
human minds brought to inhuman ends,
all gentleness forgotten,
sand spitting from our mouths,
all bombs, all blood and endless bounty
beneath a cold uncaring moon.

We are a family of ghosts,
ankles and hands already beneath the steel oceans
We are the Pharaoh's plague amidst broken beams,
God is here, can you feel him?
There is nothing else to feel.
And when we cry Allahu Akbar
our parched throats shake,
and the dead will rise,
picturing the eyes of a mad God.