Expand Your Mind

Gripped by nihilism,
he looks towards the night sky and begins to cry.
"Stop!" he commanded.
"Stop!" expecting the very dynamics of the universe to beckon to his will.

I walked up behind him and put my hand on his shoulder.
"If we were to stop expanding now, h
ow would we know what they're heading towards?"

"They're heading towards nothingness and meaninglessness"

"Ahhh, but life is what gives the meaningless a meaning.
That we can witness our existence,
be consciously aware of it on at least some level
and still be a part of this great expansion."

"Life witnesses nothing but itself."

I became flustered and waved my hand across the black blanket of the sky,
millions of holes shimmering and glistening.
"Then perhaps they(the stars) are witnessing themselves as well!"

My words were of little consolation,
as he now kept his eyes toward the worm filled soil,
just waiting to decay...
There was little I could do to cure his motion sickness.

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