Don't Look Now

America, land of the free.
America, blending art with money,
mix and stir until there is no differencebetween creativity and unoriginality anymore;
whatever the people want is art, even if it isn't.

Miss Thompson teaches her grade ten geography class,
unknowingly also the same political process the generation is witnessing:
Abrasion. The rocks on a beach collide with each other
so many times that they eventually all look the same,
round, smooth and the sunlight bounces off.
Homogeneous reality. Talk the same, speak the same,
rounded pebbles, podium antics, invisible indestructable entities.
'we must win this war on terror.'

Mr. Janua teaches his grade ten chemistry class,
unknowingly also the same subject arises between extended metaphor:
Corrosion. The oxidation of metals as they change colours
breaking down over long periods of time,
no matter how great they were, and forced reformation.
Avocado deteriation of copper; unnecessary bureaucracy,
one party poses as two, atoms ionize and oxygen is lost.
"A republic and a culture so great can never fall to mediocrity."

But nothing could change the forces of nature.

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