(hope you don't mind my posting this, Lex) ;)
"And so the storm does brew, out of sight and out of fathoming. Does that make it less the danger? Does that stop the worst from coming? Ponder, oh sweetly brooding philosopher, why the sky grows dark. And ask thyself, with rain downpouring, how this came to pass. Wonder so, to proceed in life, why you are struck by lightning arms. And wonder so, sweet dying soul... What brought about the first dark storm..."

And if the sky grows dark, as it has so many times before, will it be the end of us? Will we drown in nothingness and sink below the tide? never rise, never rise, but she can't help but look upward and study the patterns in the stars. how they form shapes, and we give them names, and how lightning never changes how they constantly arrange? think nothing of it, but that all storms do end, and we could live a thousand years without ever seeing them move. Orion can be your saviour, even if he's already dead.

"Ah, but what is a savior when they cannot help? When you are caught in the eye of a storm, that you may have created. Who can be saved from what is inevitable? It dies yes! But in time, so do we! And would not that be truly tragic, to die in the storm you were saved in."

What is there under the moon that cannot be torn? Rise, I say. Rise above it or plunder through it. what is there that cannot be worn from effort? Be vigilant I say, and smile when you reach the eye with another silver lining, for but half you've done, and yet another half to live another day!

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