Moment of Inertia

Without a centre it pivots and goes.

A star explodes.
Its blurry sewage re-collects oblivion
but there’s no big bang as a boy is crashing
a rock at a window
while over a sandy beach
a pale moon rises
and a call of war runs through a copper wire.

An electron must be another universe
so random
so small
but this one has a fever now -

on a branch a bird is singing what a bird has always sung
and over an ocean the air is laughing and twisting hurricanes
while on a street corner a hobo
is trying to sell “god in a box” for 19.95
and a flower is growing
is growing through concrete
and one molecule touches another in a bottle
of water on somebody’s desk and pushes it away
while a woman is having sex with a woman
and two galaxies swirl half mad
and one third loving it
pulling their dusty stars at 4000 miles a minute
between each other
while an old man with a cane
is buying a pack of peas at a grocery store
and a girl on a swing is looking at the sky
and wishing she could be right there forever

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