Torrent II

the old man clung to the boat
as twenty foot waves tossed him about
while I listened to the leaves swash over the sidewalk walking,
twist friction -
the October moon can’t even hide the sounds they’re making now

the orange-grey-sky glides ahead
look up there’s a star that’s looking down
but not many ‘cause they’re all busy with dying-living
but I see dying differently now -

the natural approximation of biological function is shimmer dancing
for a short silver line in the fourth dimension
like flares erupting from the sun
(the moon glares down and retreats again),

wave functions are mind madness,
the neurons watching their synapses snap
like our thoughts were too heavy to hold
but they cling to their ones and zeros for another hour,
(wood capsized sinking fast)

the dice roll on while the leaves crash all about me
and the ocean’s a quarter mile away like it didn’t even exist
but I can hear it wash on Water Street anyway,
receding, rising, receding, rising,
I said I can hear it wash on Water Street.

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